during the


Polish Army in the Defence of Scotland




December 1940

The vulnerable central eastern sector of mainland Scotland was held by the Polish Army, roughly a division in size.

The illustrative dispositions are given for December 1940.

On the Polish left flank were troops of the 51st (Highland) Infantry Division and on the right, south of the Forth, the 46th Infantry Division. [Note: The 46 Div moved away in early January 1941]. Behind the Polish positions and mainly deployed in Stirlingshire and Perthshire, the 52nd (Lowland) Infantry Division.


General Maczek's brigade - the 10th Armd Cav Bde's main HQ was based in Forfar with his troops deployed in most of Angus. The principal Polish formation in Fife was the 1st Rifle Brigade, with its HQ at Cupar.


These brigades, together with other Polish units, were subordinated to 1st Polish Corps, with its HQ near Bridge of Earn. It was all these troops and numerous other units that stood ready to defend Scotland.



















The main locations are underlined in red. Strength figures are given for each unit of General Maczek’s 10th Armoured Cavalry Brigade.

On the 14th Lancers right flank at Broughty Ferry were Polish soldiers of the 3rd Cadre Rifle Brigade. Some 80% of the unit’s strength of

510 soldiers were officers. Located in Dundee were the 1st Medium Artillery Battery (about 450 strong) and 1st Engineer Battalion with over 500 men. Within the 10th Brigade’s sector lay British units, for example, the Angus Home Guard and coastal artillery.


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